The Best Time to Travel to Southeast Asia

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What about spending your summer holiday in Southeast Asia? Then the rainy season may be the best time to travel to this place. Rainy season begins from July and until November. Make sure you come here at the right time.

Usually Southeast Asia is very hot, but except for the rainy season. Occasionally temperatures may rise up to 35 or even 40 degrees, but don’t worry, the rains and clouds will easily cool down the hot temperatures. It is considered very cool in Southeast Asia.

Even in the rainy season, it will not rain endlessly. But if it begins to rain, it usually pours heavily. It may last for half an hour, or at most, one hour. It may be quite hot in the morning, but in the afternoon, it will begin to rain suddenly and heavily. Or it may rain during the evening. Whenever it rains, it always brings cool weather and fresh air. Thus, even in the rainy season, it will not cause any difficulties for your travelling. In contrast, it may make the weather very comfortable and convenient to your travel plans.

During the rainy season, the forests and rice field will become even greener than any time. And waterfalls are extraordinarily beautiful at this time. It is a perfect time to take photographs. If you just want to feel the beauty of rain, then what about to have a cup of coffee in a local bar. You can chat with local people or just enjoy the comfortable atmosphere here. What is more important, the price is very appropriate during this period of time. After all, it is a low season. Maybe it is a good thing, because there are not so many people around you, and you can enjoy your holidays quietly.

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