The Best Time in Bogota


Nowadays, with a lot of stress, it would be nice to have a trip in Colombia as your top choice. Traveling in Colombia, the capital city, Bogota, is absolutely the first stop. It is a city with around seven millions of residents and with 2.6 thousands meters above the sea level.

In the morning of the first day, while waiting for breakfast in the café, you can study some of the main milestones about Bogota’s culture, demography, history and other showings. After having the breakfast, the first target attraction is La Candelaria. It is the construction which built-in colonial times and was the old portion of Bogota. Some of organizations and numerous universities are located here and you can have a simple walk around this lovely place. Mean while, Botero Museum is a well worth place to visit, which depicts history of the land and many pieces of art painted by worldwide famous artist such as Monet and Picasso. The next nice place is Gold Museum which is part of the La Candelaria as well. It is a singular state property with 3 floors fulfilled with wood, gold and stone. You may obtain a pair of tickets if you are lucky, which belong to the evening show hold at Colon theatre.

Montserrat is the best place in the second day of your tour. It stands with over three thousands meters and is one of the tallest points in Bogota. Cable cars are offered to visitors who would like to save time and energy. There is a church and have many touristy attractions on the top of the mountain, which visited by pilgrims. Atlantis Plaza Mall is the last place recommend for you, where is a shopping center with a large leisure area full of kinds of fun.

All in all. Bogota is a special and lovely city with its own spirit and character. Hoping you can have a nice time here.

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