Ten Hawaiian Food That You Won’t Want To MISS

As one of the most famous tourist attractions in the world, Hawaii drew thousands of sightseers every year, relying on its fascinating natural scenery as well as various Hawaiian food.
The ingredients of Hawaiian food come from the Pacific Rim — the Philippines, Japan, Thailand and Korea, which means that guests can take a taste of nearly all kinds of Asian cuisine in Hawaii. The dishes vary from free-range poultry and fresh meat to pollution-free vegetables and fruits, as well as the characteristic seafood from the surrounding waters. And don’t forget the local coffee — there are a variety of them in Hawaii, including the famous Kona coffee.
Now we will recommend you the best ten Hawaiian food.



The ultimate hangover cure and the perfect comfort food during Hawai‘i’s mild winters, saimin ranks at the top of the list of local favorites. In fact, it’s one of the few dishes deemed truly local, having been highlighted in cookbooks since the 1930s. Saimin is an Asian-style noodle soup so ubiquitous, it’s even on McDonald’s menus statewide. In mom-and-pop shops, a large melamine bowl is filled with homemade dashi or chicken broth and wheat-flour noodles and then topped off with strips of omelet, green onions, bright pink fish cake and char siu (Chinese roast pork) and/or canned luncheon meat, such as SPAM. Add shoyu and chili pepper water, lift your chopsticks and slurp away.


SPAM is an indispensable ingredient of the most popular Hawaiian snack — SPAM musubi. You can always find the booth of this ordinary but delicious local food just beside the groceries or stores. SPAM musubi is something like Japanese sushi — they are both made up of a rice ball, seaweed and a slice of SPAM. You had better swallow it as soon as you buy one, in case the rice becomes hard.


This yummy snack actually comes from a Chinese food. First they make fist-sized dough balls filled with pork (or curry chicken) then steam them. There are plenty of family run stores that sell manapua as well as other snacks.

Fresh ‘Ahi or Tako’

This food with a strange name is actually a mixture of sliced raw seafood (sea-fish, octopus, squid and so on)and numerous ingredients — from ordinary onions to the local specialty kukui nuts. And shoyu and wasabi are important seasoning of this food.

Tropical Fruits

Don’t doubt your eyes — tropical fruits can be on the list because of the creativity of residents.
Have you ever taste green mangoes pickled with Chinese spice? Or green papaya served with Vietnamese salad? If not, try some local breakfast.

Plate Lunch

It would be a pity not to try the plate lunch, the most favorite dish on Hawaii. It has white steamed rice and macaroni as the staple food and endless choices of ingredients. You can find any food material that you can imagine in your plate — pork, beef, chicken, fish, cabbage, etc.

Bento Box

In plantation days when workers labored in the field every day, people usually bring a lunch box which contains steamed rice and fried chicken or fishes. That’s the predecessor of bento box. You can buy the ready-made bentos or you can choose to make one by yourself.


These hot, deep-fried doughnuts are brought by Portuguese and have been a common dessert of Hawaiians.

Shave Ice

After some massive, drastic exercise, shave ice is the best choice against the hot day. A giant snow cone with colorful fruit syrups will definitely bring you the coolest feel.

Crack Seed
Crack seed, another specialty snack of Hawaii, can surely satisfy the appetite of candy lovers and salty foods fans. The fruits that are used for lemon strips, salt plums and mangoes are all fresh and local.

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