Taking Part in Belfast Festival at Queen’s


The Belfast Festival originally is a small campus event which is started in the 1960s at Queen’s University in Belfast. The father of the festival is a student whose name is Michael Emerson. Within ten years, this festival earns its popularity and attracts famous personalities to gather there, say Laurence Olivier, Jimi Hendrix, Ravi Shankar and Dizzy Gillespie.
The aim of the festival is to bring the cultural renaissance back to the city, making the arts and cultural scenes back to life. In the 1980s, the festival is leaded by Michael Barnes. And since then, this festival became a two-week long festival. All the celebrities say Rowan Atkinson, Billy Connolly and Michael Palin joined the festival before.
Another feature of the festival is that it has the performance from Moscow State Ballet and Royal Shakespeare Company, etc. The festival is aimed at adding more popularity of the local art work, encouraging the local artist to burst their enthusiastic and passion for their work.
During the festival you can enjoy the classical music, visual arts, comedy, theater, popular music as well as literature and jazz. And you can find the flavor of United States France and South Africa culture during the festival. What a coincidence that in the year 2008, the date of the festival is in the same period of the Queen’s University’s centennial celebration. It will begin on October 17 on the Ulster Bank Opening Concert.
Each year this festival has its own features:
In the year 2007, this festival is in a urgent need of the funding to order to have the 45th year celebration of the festival. The fund is needed to maintain the reputation of the festival and bring the best to the audience what the UK can offer. So the government gave the 150,000 pounds to the organizers to cover expenses. And Edwin Poots, the Arts Minister, also claim to guarantee a 300,000 pound grant to cover the expense of the festival in the following three years. In that year, the celebration features the cabaret performance from Lemper; Tiger Lillies’s music, etc.
In the year 2006, the main feather of the festival is the Spiegeltent, where participants can enjoy the first-rate performances. Another best part of that year festival is the performance from Jose Cura. That year people can also enjoy the presence of the crackers and the splendid firework play.
In the year 2005, this festival has a Marianne Faithful combined with the Ulster Orchestra, and the famous bands from all over the world.

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