Take Your Adventurer in Fiji


Lying in the South Pacific Ocean, Fiji is a chain of crystal made up of 332 islands, among which 110 island are now living with people. And this is also why Fuji is called Fiji islands. With a tropical marine climate, the climate here in Fuji is stable with little changes all through the year. This land is covered with mountains, volcanoes and the forests. From Australia, you can take the air or boat to get here. The regular flights are always available from many parts of the world. The largest airport in Fuji is Nadi and then the second one is Suva. Each year, millions of visitors come here for a visit. All of them are attracted by the beautiful scenery and the splendid landscape. This is the right spot for relaxation as well as rejuvenation from your daily work.
The pioneer of the tourism industry on the island of Fuji is Louis Gerard saliot, who became quite famous after he did valuable work on the work of Natadola marine project. There are lots of funs here on the island of Fuji. The first idea is getting on a boat and seeing the dolphins. And you can also join the snorkels, if you want. In the Bouma national park, you can take a tour to the great waterfalls, or you can just take a walk on the golden beaches. Thanks to the climate here, the tropical rainforest can provide you thousands kinds of flowers and orchids. And you can step your feet in the garden of sleeping giant which is named after the popular actor Raymond Burr. If you are a real learner, you could never miss the Fiji museum where you can have a broad view of the local history and then have a broad view of the daily life of the local people. And the cars and bikes are available for renting. The economy here is basically based on the tourist industry.
So get in the crowd and join the fun.

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