Take Your Adventure in New Caledonia

New Caledonia

Situated between the west of island Vanuatu and the east of Australia, New Caledonia is a perfect spot for travelling. Although lying in the western Pacific Ocean, New Caledonia is a French territory. It is the largest isle among all the isles of South Pacific. On one aspect, this place has a wide variety of architectures, say farms, churches and many other amazing buildings with French style. In the restaurants, you get a chance of trying the best scrumptious food.
New Caledonia is made up of the Loyalty Islands and Grand Terre as well as numbers of small islands and atolls. This place is a real adventure for the visitors. While you are enjoying the golden beaches, you can take part in snorkeling and diving. The chalets and the amazing French cuisine can surly cheer you up.
The main part of New Caledonia is Grand Terre which is formed by a chain of barrier reef which is the second largest one on this planet. Various kinds of water sports are offered here, say scuba diving, diving, fishing and snorkeling. The beaches here are as white as snow and the water here are like clear as the crystal.
The population is this place is quite small, and hence the facilities here are imitated. However it still attracts numerous visitors each year. People go for the mysterious caves and enjoy the secluded beach on that small island. Calmness can be found in this place. Another spot here with the heart wrenching scenery here is Lifou Cliff. Ouvea is famous for its boating as well as the scenic lagoon there.
In this small place, there are over 100 cafes and restaurants. You can have a taste of different kinds of cuisine there. Along with the chocolatiers and tisseries, there is place named des Cocotiers, where on every Thursday, the night markets are opened for people to gather and enjoy arts and food together. Another attraction here is the rainforests, where the biodiversity is perfectly preserved. And the lagoon there gets the popularity from the immaculate marine environment.
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