Take an Outdoor Adventure on Victoria Island

Canada’s second-largest island Canada’s second-largest island

As the world’s eighth-largest island and Canada’s second-largest island, there is no doubt that Victoria Island owns a vast area. But this big place doesn’t own a large population. In fact, most of the island is wasteland, with few abandoned mining camps and trading posts that are established and operated during the times of the fur trade.
One important reason of its desolation is the remote location. Victoria locates in the Arctic Archipelago and adjoins Canada’s Northwest Territories, nearly 2000 kilometers from Victory city. Interesting thing is that this island belongs to two regions at the same time: the western of the island belongs to the Inuvik Region in the Northwest Territories and the southern and eastern sections belong to Nunavut’s Kitikmeot Region.
Some people say that Victoria is a unique mixture of old world charm and new world experiences. We believe that is true to some extent. Except for old time relics and natural scenery, world-class restaurants and other facilities can also be found on the island.
However, the best choice is to take an outdoor adventure and make a close contact with nature. Bring your field equipment and sufficient supplies, follow the footsteps of other tourists, take a bike or just walk! Victoria will provide everything you want for an outdoor adventure: breathtaking views of landscapes, various wild animals, abandoned camps and relics, as well as complex terrain that will definitely be a great challenge for all adventurers. Speaking of wild animals, Victoria is a paradise for wild creatures, arctic and red fox, polar bears, wolves, beluga and bowhead whales live a carefree life on the peaceful island.
If you don’t want to sweat too much, you can choose to fish at the beautiful beaches or just take a sunbathe( climate here is always mild all year round). Enjoying some seafood or taking an afternoon tea with hospitable Canadian friends will also add amenities to your trip.

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