Swim with the Dolphins in Ocho Rio

Ocho Rios

If you are on your vacation, why not come to the Ocho Rios, Caribbean. This place will never let you down. Here you can swim with the dolphins. You can touch them, kiss them ad even get a foot push or a dorsal pull by the dolphins around the cove. They are friendly and naughty clever creatures. This is an unforgettable 30-minute swim. During these thirty minutes, you can stay with the dolphins alone under the guidance of the tutor. Besides getting touch with them, you can take photos or making short video with them. But this has to be done at the certain video shop in the scenic spots. Besides the dolphin show, you can travel through the tropical rain forest where you can hear the sing from the birds, watch the beautiful tropical fishes, reptiles like iguanas and snakes. All these will happen in the Dolphin Cove Jungle while you are wondering in the bushes. This is amazing tropical areas on earth. The birds here are mainly macaws and parrots which have beautiful features and quite clever. They allow you to touch them and take pictures with them. And you are always having a tour guide who can narrate all the interesting things happened here. The kinds of the fishes are various; there are stingrays, eels and turtles and fascinating sea creatures. But all the people who take part in this part have to be able to swim. The children aged from eight to ten should be accompanied by a paying adult in the swimming part. The adults have also sign the liability waiverlt which is an acquirement. And the children aged between ten and seventeen should also sign the waiver in order to participate in it. Children under eight and the pregnant women are not allowed to participate in it. And at the Dolphin Cove at Treasure Reef, if you want to enjoy all the fascinating part of the tour you have to stay there at least for three hours. Beside the Life Vests are provided and food and drinks are not allowed. Do not do the hotel pickup or drop anything on the ground while you are travelling.

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