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Casa Grande Ruins National Monument is located in south-central of Kira Valley in Arizona, to the south by Coolidge. It covers an area of 191 hectares. The main body of the relic is a high tower with 4 floors and 12 meters tall, which built by Salado Indians moved down from the north in 14th centuries. Casa Grande Reservation was proclaimed by the President Benjamin Harrison with an order on June 22, 1892, it became the cultural reserve and first prehistoric in United States. After that, on August 3 1918, President Woodrow Wilson re-declared it as a national monument. Same with all historical areas, Casa Grande Ruins National Monument was included in the list of National Register of Historic Places on October 15, 1966.

The national monument is comprised by the ruins of the multiple structures embraced by composite wall build by the ancient people of Hohokam culture period, whom is the farmers of Gila Valley in the early 13th century. Archaeologists have found evidence that the ancient people lived in the Sonoran desert built the Casa Grande and developed large-scale irrigation agriculture and extensive trade links that lasted for more than one thousand years as well until about 1450.

Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr., a Boston architect, who built a Ramada to shield the ruins from weathering in 1932. At the beginning of the 21st century, a couple of Great horned owls settled in the rafters Olmsted sanctuary. The current structure with protection is covering the “Great House” instead of a wooden similar structure which set up to defend it in 1932. As the fragile attribute of “Great House”, tourists to the site are not allowed inside. Observation is allowed outside of the structure only for travelers to protect their integrity.

The nearest towns with hotels are Casa Grande (22 miles), Marana (45 miles) and Chandler (30 miles) where closed to Casa Grande Ruins National Monument.

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