Steep But Spectacular Ha Ho No Geh Canyon


Ha Ho No Geh Canyon is a shallow canyon and a branch of Moenkopi Wash, which occupy a large area of Hopi and Navajo reservations and eventually join with the Little Colorado River. Rocks here are usually thin-layered and have quite different textures and sharp contrast colors. The classic Southwest scenery in Ha Ho No Geh Canyon can be viewed.

It is hardy to find dense inhabitants in this area, which is crossed only several tracks with occasional settlements. And the canyon is far from any road and can only be visited by walking. Even though the canyon is difficult to arrive at, it stores spectacular natural sceneries, which is quite different from what you have seen before.
The upper parts of the canyon are lined by vertical bands of yellow or orange sandstones, but the lower parts have quite different views. The lower parts are mainly clayish and soft earth, which is still very steep and somewhat unstable. Also, there are deep ravines in the below. The whole picture of the canyon may be precipitous. Since the mud hills have been eroded for a long time, most of which are embedded with colorful mineralized rocks. As the canyon extends itself further to the north, it becomes less steep and it seems that it is possible to reach the floor of the canyon. In some places, you may find tall pinnacles and hoohoos, but most parts have just yellow or grey badlands and cliffs. This canyon is suitable for photographing generally, not particularly.

In a word, although the Ha Ho No Geh Canyon is indeed steep and difficult to reach for its distant location, it has picturesque sceneries, which surely will make tourists here deeply impressed. Having an experience in this canyon will be an unforgettable memory during your lifetime.

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