Staying at New Zealand DOC

New Zealand

Staying in New Zealand the best way is the campervan hire which is both money saving and energy-saving. And the best one among them is the Department of Conservation campsites. Leaving behind all your regular routine, stepping out of your bubbles and spending a couple of days living with people on the other side of the world, your horizon will broaden with your traveling process. Actually the Department of Conservation, shortly DOC, is a government organization. This organization is opened to protect the diverse and the terrain of New Zealand, and also the culture heritage of New Zealand.
Most of the area of New Zealand is run by DOC, and most of that is for the purpose of recreation. And there you can also have the observation platforms, family picnicking spots as well as other recreation activities. The grade of the campsite have different grade. Mostly there are four grades.
The first grade that I want to introduce is the top-notch campsites, which can offer you all the needs that you need for the daily life. And most of the time the price is fifteen NZ dollars per night. And the children are fore New Zealand dollars per night. For the children less than four years old are free to join. And the best one of them is the Serviced campsite with the cooking areas with it. Also there you can enjoy the shower to stay there but the extra pay has to be paid which is an extra two NZ dollars per person per night.
The next one that I want to introduce is the Scenic campsite. They have the flush toilets but the hot showers are not offered. The payment of this is ten NZ dollars per night.
The middle kind of service is offered by the Standard campsite. There you can still have the basic toilet facilities and the cold showers as well as the fireplaces. And the cost is the six NZ dollars per night.
The lowest one is the Basic one which is free and no booking requirement. But booking is still need for the Serviced campsites as well as the Standard campsites and the Scenic ones.
The things that you have to remember should be mentioned. Do not leave the rubbish behind. And you should clean all the rubbish that you have threw away. Douse the fire that you have set. Do not pollute the water, which is good for the live animals.

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