Start Your Journey from New Caledonia

New Caledonia

This journey starts with a trilling boat trip and the destination of it is Ile des pins. Here the coral reefs are right under your feet. Some bottom of the boat is made of grass and you can see through it to witness the fishes swimming under your ferry. You can rent a boat with a skipper on it. And if you need more privacy you can rent one without it. The scenery of the beautiful coral reefs can surely cheer you up. Beside the ferry ship, you should never miss the amazing zoological and botanical gardens where you and your children can enjoy the learning of rare species on our mother planet. Those gardens are located two and half miles away from Noumea. And more than seven hundred rare animal species lived there. Another should visit place in New Caledoniais the Amedee lighthouse which is built during the Napolean III period. It was firstly designed by the Paris engineers. Then some years later, it is shipped in pieces but reconstructed by the same group of people who designed it later. The splendid crafts of the building are really a feat. And there under the water you can explore many historic artifacts left from the ancient times.
Besides all the beautiful scenery, you can also explore the delicious cuisines there at the famous restaurants. I am sure they can fulfill your appetite. They serve all kinds of the local food as well as the food from all parts of the world to fulfill the taste of different customers from other countries. On the beaches, you can explore the churches there. That part of the zone is full of different style of churches which are under the government of Melanesian villages. You can also trying to get to know the custom of the local residences, get to know their culture and living style by ,making a visit to Yate. This whole place is surrounded by ocean. And the famous Yate gets its popularity as a town amidst rivers and lakes. The natural beautiful landscape can surely cheer you up. If you visit New Caledonia, Yate should always on your travel plan.
This place is also a perfect spot for the honeymoon. So pack your bag and get on the way.

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