Special Foods for Royal Family in Vietnam

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There are many tasty and nutritious cuisines in Vietnam used to be offered to the royal families. Following are the top 10 most outstanding cuisines.

Banh Phu
Banh Phu is also known as the Husband-and-wife pie, which as the name suggests, is in pair rather as individuals. The sweet flavor of this pie symbolizes the good love of couples.

West Lake Coot
The Eurasian coot used to be the main ingredient of this cuisine and so earned its name. It is believed that the coots are very beneficial to health, and also favored by the Emperor Tu Duc.

Anh Vu Carp
Vu carp is the main food in Viet Tri, Phu Tho province. This fish is said to be the most tasty freshwater fish.

Longan and Lotus Seed
Dessert of lotus seed is favored by royal family. And longan is mainly produced in Hien town, Hung Yen province. The longan of this place is much tasty and sweeter than other places.

Dong Cao Chicken
In addition to longan, Hung Yen is also famous for its Dong Cao chicken, whose meat is very delicious and beneficial to health. But the cost for raising Dong Cao chicken is quite high.

Ngu Banana
According to some historians, the Tran dynasty is the most glorious time in the history of Vietnam. And during that time, a lot of royal families and high officials were chosen from Nam Dinh province. In order to pay tribute to the rulers, Nam Dinh people offered Ngu banana as a gift to the rulers.

Early Green Rice
As the main ingredient of Hang Than pie, early green rice, or com, was also a favored food for the royal family.

Shrimp paste of Ha Yen
Shrimp paste, a delicacy of the lowland, used to be sent to the King as a tribute. But, nowadays it is rarely found.

Water Spinach
For its delicate taste and soft texture, water spinach used to be one of the most favored vegetable for palace diners.

Swallow Bird Nest
Swallow Bird Nest used to be the royal cuisine for its high nutrition and favorable taste. However, harvesting nest is a quite difficult job.

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