South America Travel: the Top Culinary Destinations in South America


During the past eighteen years, the best places for travel in the world have been announced by the World Travel Awards. And there are ten most suitable places in South America. In addition to many cultural, historical and natural spots there, South America also offers travellers much of the world’s best food. Given the tips provided by the nineteenth World Travel Awards for the Best Culinary Areas in South America, when you travel between Ecuador and Argentina, you will never feel unsatisfied with the food there. Before you travel to South America, it’s helpful to know these places and the most popular food there.


Argentina’s beef is famous all around the world. It is not only the world’s third largest exporter of beef, but also it has the largest beef consumer group. So try some beef barbeques is necessary when you travel to Argentina. There is also many other famous food in Argenatina and when you travel to Buenos Aires, you can taste these delicious food at once.


Brazil is especially known for its tropical weather and beautiful beaches, however, it also has various of delicious dishes. Feijoada, Brazil’s national dish, is made with pork and black beans . When you travel to Brazil, this dish cann’t be missed. The other common food in Brazil is barbecue, which you can find in many local places.


Seafood is very common in Chile. In many dishes, you can find seafood. Such as Curanto en Hoyo, one traditional dish in Chile, is made with seafood , meats and bread. This dish is not only tasty but also is very interesting.


Peru is also renown as South America’s tasty capital, so it is naturally one member of the list of the best culinary areas. Thanks to Gaston Acurio, a famous chef, Peru gains its present reputation. In your trip to Peru, it is necessary to have a taste of some of the regional dishes in Rocotto Rellena, Lomo Saltado or Aji de Gallina .

There are also many other places in South America renowned for delicious food, such as Venezuela, Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia. It is not easy to decide which country or food is the best one. It is afraid that the best approach is try these foods personally all over the South America.

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