South America Travel: Exploring the Street Markets of South America


Travelling is the best approach to know the typical lifestyle and culture of South America. But if you want to truly integrate in a city, you could choose to walk along the streets, talk with local people, or stroll in the street markets. Street markets are very common and they exist almost in every city all over South America. And you will be curious about the trinkets, traditions and people. Then you would be surprised to find that these street markets are so charming.

When it comes to the street markets in South America, people have to visit Otavalo Ecuador. It has one of the most prosperous markets in South America. And Otavalo Ecuador has been one of the world’s largest markets since pre-Inca time. It sits in Plazas Ponchos, covers a large scape, even spread into surrounding areas. You will find various kinds of goods are sold in the markets, from leather, alpaca scarves, to spices and flowers. There are also a lot of handcrafted wooden goods, for example musical instruments and bowls. Outside of the Plazas Ponchos is the animal market.It is not likely that you will buy some animals there, but you will strongly feel the commercial culture here.

Another famous market, Pisac market, which is known for its diverse kinds of handcrafted goods, is located in the Cusco region. Every Sunday tourists from all over the world come to this lively place. In Pisac market you can find colorful Andean textiles, amazing alpaca goods, and great Peruvian souvenirs. The best way to appreciate the activities took place in the market from far away is to choose a balcony of cafes, where you can enjoy a cup of beverage at the same time.

Most tourists choose to end their exploration in La Paz, Bolivia, by visiting the Witches’ market, which is the most astonishing market in South America. This market is worth visiting because of its unusual shops and booths. These shops and booths are full of oddities, which are believed to bring love, money and luck. The oddity includes feathers, herbs, dried frogs and trinkets. And the most interesting commodity is Ilama fetus, which can be found in any shop. Local people often use it to protect their house or they think it can bring good luck. This scene may seem odd, however, it is part of Bolivian culture, and tourists here will never miss this place.

Street markets are very common in South America, no matter in Peru or in Bolivia. And exploring these street markets is the best way to feel its native culture and make local friends. And trip here will be unforgettable.

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