Some Popular Town Markets in New Zealand

Many towns in New Zealand have local markets and these markets have become a good platform for cookers, local artists, and farmers to display their products. Rotorua and Queenstown are two of these towns. In these towns’ markets, various kinds of local food, handmade artworks, and fruits can be directly available. So these markets are the ideal places to buy some souvenir during your New Zealand trip.

In Rotorua, there are four regular markets, which attract numerous tourists here each year. Among the Rotorua markets, the most popular one is the Kuirau Park Flea Market, which is held on every Saturday morning in Kuirau Park. In this market, almost everything you want to buy can be found, including second-hand goods, freshly made foods, jewellery, fruits and so on. Tourists here can also have a taste of various kinds of cuisines, like Latin American, Indian and Asian cuisines.

The Southshell Market, also the largest one among the Rotorua markets, is held on every weekend on the Rotorua lakefront. In this market, tourists can find diverse kinds of high quality goods, such as local handcrafts, drinks, books, food, jewellery, clothing, etc.

Another popular market is the Night Market, which is held on every Tuesday nights and favored by both local people and tourists. The Night Markets is well-known for its selling of local food, wine, handmade cheeses, artisan products and so on.

And the newest Rotorua market is the Hot Craft Market, and goods sold in this market mainly include local crafts and arts made by native New Zealand residents.

Queenstown, situated on the shores of Lake Wakatipu and surrounded by a majestic mountain range, is a very stunning town. And the most interesting market is the Creative Queenstown Arts and Crafts Market, which is held on every Saturday. The major goods in this market include paintings, sculpture, pottery, unique jewellery, handmade soap, photography, wood turning, flax weaving, bone carving, knitting and greenstone carving and so on.

With their popular local markets and spectacular scenery, Rotorua and Queenstown have become must visit spots in New Zealand. Hotels in Queenstown and Rotorua are all international standard and surely will offer tourists quite comfortable experience. The markets are the best places for tourists to explore the authentic aspects of these towns. Through exploring these local markets, tourists surely will have a good understanding of the characteristics of these towns and may develop some affection for them.

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