Some Major Attractions in Rishiri and Rebun Areas

Rishiri-to island Rishiri-to island

Rishiri-to and Rebun-to are Japan’s northernmost islands and renowned as the “ Floating Islands of Flowers”. Both of the two islands are very close to Wakkanai and Shin-Chitose Airport.

Rishiri-to and Rebun-to islands would become a sea of flowers during late April and mid-September, especially between July and August, which is the tourist season. However, during November and February, because of strong seasonal winds, the temperatures of these islands are quite cold.

There is a famous mountain in the heart of Rishiri-to island named Mt. Rishiri-zan, which is also called “Rishiri-Fuji” for its shape resembling that of Mt. Fuji. If we look from Wakkanai’s western coast, we can see a quite brilliant Mt. Rishiri-zan. And during a sunny day, standing on the summit of this mountain, we can have a bird’s eye view of the forests and swamps, as well as Sarobetsu Field, the neighboring Rebun-to Island, and even the Sakhalin Island. In the Mt. Rishiri-zan, you can see diverse alpine plants, most of which you can’t see in any other places. In addition, you can see breathtakingly beautiful flowers in this mountain. Even though climbing routes are built in the mountain, tourists who want to climb up to the top also need to be well prepared.
Also, in Rishiri-to island, there is a long cycling road. Bicycling along this road you can enjoy the forests areas and coastline. No matter when you come here, you can always see a beautiful Rishiri-to island. In winter, there are blossoming flowers; in summer, these flowers are extremely blooming; in autumn, the withering leaves decorate the landscape; and in winter, the landscape is covered with snow, just like a thick blanket.

Rebun-to island is in the northern part of Rishiri-to island. It is an elongated island, with many hills. And most of the population lives on the east coast. Because of the high latitudes of this island, there are various kinds of alpine plants, which have won the reputation of “Floating Island of Flowers” for this island. The period between May and August is the tourist season, during which flowers are blooming extremely. And the main attractions in this island include Cape Sukoton, Cape Gorota and the Momoiwa Observation Deck.

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