Some Interesting Country markets in New South Wales


Markets can be said to be the best places for tourists to feel the authentic style of the destination that they are travelling. In local markets, various kinds of local products and some handcrafts or handmade arts are available to tourists. Also, in local markets, those foodies, antique collectors, and car enthusiasts can also satisfy their desires. Different places have different styles of markets. The major and largest markets are usually be found in the city area, while those small and interesting ones can be found in countries.

Orange, New South Wales, is very famous for its wine manufacturing, local products, and agriculture, which attract numerous tourists here every year. And the most interesting market is certainly the Orange Region Farmer Market, which is held on the morning of every second Saturday of each month. In this market, diverse kinds of local food, fruits and vegetables can be directly available. So tourists here can surely satisfy their taste buds.

In Goulburn, tourists can also have a lot of fun when they are walking about in the Goulburn Brewery Craft Market that is held on every fourth Saturday of each month. A variety of foods, antiques and something else can be found in this market. This market provides a platform for craftspeople, local artists, cookers, and growers to display their skills and sell their works and products. Tourists here can have a taste of those homemade foods, like pickles, jams, cakes, sauces and so on.

Moree is another place that has an interesting market, the Moree Jellicoe Park Market, which is held on the fourth Sunday of each month. In this market, tourists can find a number of food stalls, local products, handcrafted furniture, children’s entertainments, poultry, indoor and outdoor plants and so on. In September, tourists here can have a chance to view the annual car show, hosted by the Moree Motor Car Enthusiasts and this market.

There are many other places in New South Wales that also have their own styles of country markets. And tourists should seek information and make sure when and where these markets are held before they leaving for New South Wales. These markets are the best places to find local products, handcrafts and homemade gourmet delights. Tourists here will surely have a pleasing holiday and may develop some affection for this place.

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