Some Important Travel Tips for Travelers to Nairobi


Used to be a quaint railway depot, Nairobi now has transformed into the thriving capital city of Kenya. Every year, this city attracts numerous foreign tourists for its amazing sights, events and activities.

Tourists here can enjoy wildlife safaris, adventurous activities, cultural visiting, ecotourism tours, impromptu entertainment, animated shopping, as well as its natural beauty. However, tourists tend to take off the beaten tracks and have fun in the back streets, which are quite exciting areas of Nairobi. Here are some important tips on entry requirements, local laws, and safety, and bearing these tips in mind will make your journey more interesting.

Entry requirements
British tourists should obtain a visa when enter Kenya, and they can get visas from the Kenya High Commission in London, or at the Nairobi Airport in Kenya.

Passport validity
British tourists should hold a valid passport for travelling to Kenya. And this passport must be valid for at least six months.

Local laws
Homosexual relations are regarded as illegal in Kenya.
It is prohibited in Nairobi to smoke in public places.
Illegal drugs are strictly prohibited in Nairobi.
It is a crime to destroy Kenya currency and should be punished severely.

Health Safety
Before travelling to Nairobi, tourists should consult a doctor and take some essential medical supplies.
It is advised that tourists take boiled or bottled water.
It is not good to buy some eating food from unlicensed vendors.

Safety and security
Because crime rate is quite high in Kenya and Nairobi, so some safety measures should be made in advance.
Before you go to visit some sightseeing spots, you’d better leave your valuable item at hotels.
Wildlife enthusiasts had better hire reputed tour operators in order to conduct safari trips safely. When tourists watch threatening wildlife or venture in bushes, they should be careful.
It is better not carry large amount cash with yourself.

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