Several Tips for China Travel


China is an ancient country, with a long history and rich culture. Many cities, especially those major cities, such as Beijing, Xian, and Shanghai, all have their own characteristics that need to be respected. This article is mainly about tips that tourists have to bear in mind when travel to China.

Because China has a very long history of more than five thousand years, it has strong unique personalities, which may be difficult for foreigners to understand. So foreigners should have an open mind when travel to ancient countries like China.

The first tip is about toilets in China. It is not possible to find a clean toilet all the time, and tourists should prepare some tissue and carry with themselves. You can find many public toilets anywhere in the cities, but most of them are not rechargeable. And especially in train and bus stations, toilets are usually very tough. Outside of those major cities, tourists can even find some tatty toilet systems, which are dirty and dire. But you can choose some clean toilets, like hotel lobby toilets, which can be easily found anywhere. Many websites don’t mention these information, but it may be important for some foreign travelers, so adequate preparation must be made in advance.

Second, there are various kinds of food in China, so you have a lot of choices about what you are going to eat. It is better to drink bottled or boiled water. Foreign tourists would find that in China, it is very noisy when people eating and some people may smoke when other people are dining.

The third tip is about China’s taxi. It is a good way to take the taxi registration number and the driver’s name down, which can be seen plainly, and if you meet some troubles during you taking a taxi, you can use these information to solve the troubles. And bargaining with those taxi drivers will save you a lot of money.

Fourth, China is a paradise for shoppers and you can find everything you want. Credit card can be used in many markets. When shopping in China, bargaining with those sellers is common and can save much money.

Fifth, although most hotels have a doctor, tourists had better take a first aid kit with them.

Sixth, it is advised that foreign tourists to buy a Chinese SIM card, when travel to China.

When you plan to travel to China, you’d better avoid periods like Spring Festival, early May and early October, during which time almost all major cities are full of tourists and quite crowded.

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