See Pearls on the Sea


Tired of endless office work and heavy pressure? Want to get rid of polluted air and surroundings? Why not pay a visit to the most gorgeous islands all over the world and have an unforgettable and comfortable vacation there? Breathing the fresh air mixed with the smell of sea, walking on a white sand beach, feeling the waves through your toes, you will feel like being in paradise. 

If you think it is a dream that I’m talking about, you are totally wrong. There are too many beautiful islands all over the world for us to find, just like pearls spilled on the sea. In addition to the air quality and natural beauties , tourists can also enjoy various recreational activities that can’t be seen on the land—surfing, diving, island shopping and so on. Once you set your foot on the island which is so far from the noisy cities, you will feel nothing but relaxed.

So don’t wait any longer, let’s take a look at these stunning islands together!  


The soft white sand beach , the warm sunshine and the transparent seawater make this Indian Ocean island a paradise.

Bartolome Island, Galapagos, Ecuador
People owe Bartolome Island’s fame to the graphic Pinnacle Rock, but don’t forget the beauty of Sullivan Bay, Isla Daphne and Isla San Salvador (known as Santiago).

Capri, Italy
If you are looking for a wonderful place for diving and swimming, the beaches all over this island will not fail you, let alone lush flowers and lemon trees.

Mnemba Island, Tanzania
This small island is located in the Indian Ocean. With its crystal water and lovely size, Mnemba Island will make you feel comfortable there.

Boracay, Philippines
A large number of hotels and stores have been built since the 70s, the time when the island opened to the public.It attracts and welcomes tourists from every corner of the world.

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