Safely Navigating The Mountain Roads Of Italy


Driving the mountain roads of Italy can be one of the most exciting and picturesque drives of a lifetime, it can also be one of the most hazardous and dangerous drives of a lifetime. So how does one enjoy the drive safely? By following these simple tips, knowing which roads are safe to travel on and when they are safe and knowing what the safe rules of the road are.

The first rule that many are unaware of, is that all drivers must be age 18 and over. All drivers must carry their license with t hem at all times and it’s imperative that all drivers and passengers wear seatbelts at all times during the drive. Italy drives on the right side of the road and one must follow these laws and pass only on the left. Dipped headlighting is required on all two lane traffic roads and the horn is only to utilized in an emergency.

During the summer, drivers are encouraged to use more caution. While snow will reduce the posted speed limits drives should be aware that “big brother” cameras are in use at all times and it’s important to follow all of the rules or risk a major ticket.

Insurance is a must and tourists can obtain this “green card” insurance for periods of 15 days, 30 days and 45 days.

It’s important to remember that the more familiar one is with the road, the safer they can drive said road. Take all of the roads in the mountains slowly to ensure safety at all times. Remember that many rods lead to ski resorts as well as wineries and other points of interest. These roads will have heavy traffic at times and you may be required to reduce your speed to accommodate other drivers.

One of the most famous roads is the Stelvio Pass road. Despite some very narrow twisty curves and steep inclines, this road is well travelled and in the Italian Alps. Although it is only 1.7 miles above sea level, it has 48 hairpin turns.

The Grande Starada della Dolomiti is also well travelled and will take you right to the heart of Dolomites with magnificent views.

There are many safe mountain roads in Italy and it is well worth the time to go sightseeing there.

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