“Ronmiel de Canarias”


In 1493, Christopher Columbus made his second voyage to the Americas .During his sailing, he planted some sugar cane plants(collected in the Canary Islands) in the Caribbean, which makes it possible for Canarians to brew the best honey rum drink in the world. As the best authentic honey rum drink of Canary Islands , Ron Miel , during a history of over two hundred years(from the 18th century), has won its reputation and been rooted in Canary Island culture so deeply that is has a geographic designation of birth –“Ronmiel de Canarias”.

Like other authentic Canarians honey rums, Ron Miel is produced in a traditional and strict method. It is macerated in oak casks which are full of flavor and then infused with all natural pure honey, aiming at a fantastic and soft taste. The first company to brew Ron Miel in such way is a small family company called Ron Arehucas, which also owned a sugar cane field of volcanic soil and made it the only resource of Ron Miel ‘s raw material.
Benefiting from the strict brewing process and the wonderful taste, Ron Arehucas and Ron Miel have gained popularity and reputation all around the world – the company was appointed as “Official Supplier of the Spanish Royal Family”. For now, Ron Arehucas has turned into the most and biggest modern rum manufacturing company in Spain, with its 20 kinds of rum exporting to over 12 countries.

Ron Miel has a floral smell of vanilla bean and unique aromatic plant, making you almost drunk before you taste it. Once you take a slip of the jewel-like drink, you can feel the smooth in your mouth. Remember: authentic Ron Miel comes in two flavors – dulce de leche and candied orange zest, both in 1L bottles, six pack case.

Note: Ron Miel  is a kind of multipurpose rum, so you can use it as cordial, cocktails or just drink it alone.

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