Releasing yourself in Dubai’s all-ice cafe


Many tourists or the honeymooners from the Gulf to Dubai are going to cool themselves off in Dubai against the summer heat.
The decoration of Dubai’s cafe is full of iced furniture, with many colorful lights on.
A 27-year old man, recently get married, together with his wife, said the first place on the honeymoon list is the Dubai’s Cafe. He also asked us to tell from the cafe’s freesing space and 35 degrees outside.
Many tourists are wearing thick jackets and boots just like the way they wear in winter outside.
Dubai has famous shopping centre, indoor skiiing and other unique buildings, so it has become a favorite chavelling destination in Middle East.
Tourism plays an important role in Dubai’s economy, gaining a lot for its GDP. Meanwhile, its tourism will be expected to triple its income to $82 billion by 2020.
Visitors who has a 40-minute only pay 60 dirhams, one hot drink as a reward. Every time 40 people come in and it fit 100 persons one day.-Reuters

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