Reef Cruise

Reef Cruise Reef Cruise

Do you want to have an access to the bay’s flora and fauna? Before you set off to the cruise, you can try to head for the glass-bottom home port at Convoy Point where there are beautiful scenery you want to visit. It takes you three hours to arrive the cruise  for boaters or snorkelers. But the cost of Cruises for scuba divers is a little higher.
In the center of the deck, you can see a viewing chamber. Its floor is made up of rows of windows. Passengers can see the changing scene standing around the chamber.
When the boat goes across the bay, what the passengers will see are pieces of hard coral  in the reefs. A vast of turtle grass and water, not very deep, is suitable for a host of young marine animals, such as shrimp, spiny lobsters to live in. Through the window, you can see them. You can also see turtle in park waters, besides many types of fish swimming lively there.
It is easy for you to see the boats on the bay and pelicans when walking along the edge of the deck. The pelicans can get fish in the way of diving into the sea to scoop them up .
The Waterway is marked by posts with obvious signs to see the charts. The natural glass beds are easy to be seen at low tide. Bonefish, which lives in natural glass beds is famous for its speed and strength.
After the boats arrive at their goals, they usually stay to watch the floor show, such as a flash of a passing parrotfish and gliding of an angelfish. Slowly the boats move to another point. Many reefs are dominated by corals which are very high. Sea fans and other soft corals appear in clear water to help passengers recognize the colored fish in the mass. Caesar Creek is named for Black Caesar, a pirate who lurked here before. More than 50 shipwrecks can go through within park boundaries. Visitors can have a picnic or take a walk on natural trail when they made a trip .

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