Reasons for Travelling to Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia Southeast Asia

The area of Southeast Asia includes all of those countries located between the Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean. And different countries have different lifestyles. But this area is especially known for tasty cuisine, antique sculptures, traditional beliefs and low prices. Following is some information about this area. Ensure you know about these before you travelling here.

Different from other tropical areas, Southeast Asia has a typical and unique tropical climate for its plenty rainfall. Due to this, this area still attracts numerous tourists every year.

In Southeast Asia, Chinese and Indian cultures are the most influential ones and have great impact on the formation of other cultures. The development of the culture in this area is very fast and impressive. And you can strongly feel that the civilization of Ming dynasty still have an immortal position in Chinese culture.

There are many different religions co-existed in this area. The most common religions are Buddhism and Hinduism. You can also see Islamic religion in other countries of this area. Also, Roman Catholic religion has great influence in this area.

Tourist points:
The main natural scenic spots in Southeast Asia are located in Indonesia and Cambodia, both of which are famous for large temples with various kinds of carvings.
Malaysia, another popular place, is especially famous for thrilling and beautiful caves.
And, Singapore, as one of the most important business center in the world, is highlighted by its superior services offered in restaurants and hotels.
Also, Thailand is worthwhile for travelling. There are so many historic monuments and tourist attractions there.

What have been mentioned above are just some aspects of this area, and there are still some other things waiting for your exploring and visiting. Travelling by yourself, you will be deeply impressed by the diversification and specialties of this area.

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