Reasons for Travelling to Accra

Kwama Nkrumah Kwama Nkrumah

We can learn a lot of things from travelling to other countries. And people are accustomed to travel to those places like England, America, or Dubai. But have you thought about some other countries where tourists are few. If you want to go some place like this, then Accra may be a good choice. Accra is a capital city of Ghana, Africa. You can go there by plane.

There are so many reasons for travelling to Accra. One is just its architecture work. Tourists who are interested in architecture may be happy. You can see its buildings showing some western styles. It is amazing to see western type buildings in an African country. Of course, you can also see some shanty and dusty towns, where the poor citizens normally live.

In addition to its architecture, the National Museum is also a must place to visit. Here you can have a general knowledge about the Ghanaian history. You can also enjoy the culture of Ghanaian through the exhibition of pottery, carvings, paintings, clothing, thrones and many others. There are some instruments and tools presented in the museum, and these tools are mainly used for some particular types of rituals. Those people who are interested in Ghanaian history will surely fall in love with this museum.

The memorial park is another place worth visiting and it is constructed in memory of Kwama Nkrumah, who made Ghana an independent country from the governing of Great Britain and was the first president of this country. A mausoleum and a monument are established in this park in order to memorize this great man.

Accra is truly a good place for travelling. What you need to do is look up flights to this country, pack up your luggage and then fly to this place.

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