Puebla, a Modern Metropolis with Strong Cultural Atmosphere


Puebla is the fourth largest city of Mexico in population, with over 3 million residents. This city has been declared a Patrimony of Humanities City because of the exquisite houses, buildings and churches.

Puebla has a history of about 5 hundred years. When founded, this city was an advance one and it is still an advanced metropolis now. Transportation system is well-developed, but buses don’t go near the plaza and historic buildings, as a method to protect them from noise and air pollution.

There are some outstanding ones among the many wonderful sight spots. Cathedral is the second largest church in Mexico, with marble, onyx and gold altars. Iglesia de Santo Domingo, well-known for the Rosary Chapel, has gilded walls and altars. Uriarte Talavera is the last Talavera pottery workshops that exist, and free visits are provided except Sunday. Ex-Convento de Santa Rosa was once a ex-convent, but now it is a museum with delicate native crafts.

Pueblas’ food is somewhat the most noted. Local food includes the complex-taste both mole and chiles en nogada. More fantastic snacks are there to be found. The most welcomed restaurant may be Fonda de Santa Clara, which is decorated in classical Mexican art. And Marisqueria El Paisa is famous for wonderful seafood dishes.

While you are appreciating the culture abundant streets, you will encounter mariachis playing fine music. If you go to some of the plazas around the city, you will find more bands. Wanna join them? Just enter one of the dance clubs in the downtown area.

Puebla has all kinds of accommodations for all kinds of visitors. You can enjoy the deluxe rooms decorated in antique art in Hotel Camino Real Puebla, or have a nice sleep in the cozy room of a motel.

If you like golf, note that Club Campestre de Puebla has the most challenging course with 18 holes.

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