Preachers Rock, A Must-See Place

Rogaland Rogaland Rogaland

The Preachers Rock in Rogaland of Norway is among the most famous travel spots all over the world. The Pulpit Rock, located in Preikestolen, is the most famous attraction of the area. The incredible sights of the place will surely provide you the most unforgettable experiences in your whole life.

The Pulpit Rock goes up 604 meters over the Lysefjord. It is an ideal place for climbing lovers to climb up the steep cliffs. The climbing will normally take 4 hours, so be sure to equip a good pair of climbing shoes. After getting through the ferry quay at Tau, you can find buses to take in the summer, which is a really nice way to enjoy the natural beauty and the individual wildlife. Furthermore, there are many pretty good places for picnicking or swimming. Preikestolen is a mountain shaped area that looks just like a soaring pulpit over the Lysefjord. There is a crevice between the mountains and Pulpit Rock Plateau. It is said that one day the plateau of the mountain will break and fall into the fjord, forming a huge wave and overwhelm the whole area. Believe it or not, beware. There is a fine track starts from Preikestolen Mountain Lodge and leads you up to the top of the 604-meter mountain plateau. The walk from the lodge to the top will take you about four to five hours. When you arrive at the summit, take a break for one or two hours to allow yourself to appreciate the splendid landscape of the plateau.

And for accommodations, the Pulpit Mountain Lodge is a perfect supply depot. This is also the ideal start point for some other hiking trails. There is a pay parking yard, an information office and medical facilities.

Another way to experience the Pulpit is travelling through the fjord, either on a tourist boat or a ferry. You can find boating services from Stavanger, Lauvvik or Oanes around the Lysefjord.

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