Piazza San Marco, Venice

Piazza San Marco  Piazza San Marco

Piazza San Marco is a famous square in Venice, within the control of the St Mark. The Clock Tower is at the opposite of it, and in the north of Piazza San Marco, there is a long arcade along the buildings called Procuratie Vecchie which was previously the site of making  Walking to the eastern end and turn left, then you can see the long arcade in the west end again. The whole part in this side is called the Procuratie Nuove, next to which is the Campanile of St Mark’s church, the free part beyond it.
If you take a boat to the destination, Piazzetta di San Marco, as a port, should be a temporary place to stay. It links the west and eastern part together, lying between Doge’s Palace and Jacopo Sansovino’s Libreria.
The bell tower is one of the spectacles in Piazza San Marco, located in the front of the basilica. Its whole structure was completed in 1514. During the period of several hundred years, it was once damaged and even destroyed, so in 1912, it was rebuilt and repaired the damaged part. Due to its construction based on the fragile or soft foundations, this building has not been in stable state yet. Recently it is in constant renovation and has in in a bad need. And in previous time, it was often repaired.
Anyway, the bell tower is well known throughout the world, as one of the landmarks in Venice. A golden statue in its top, 3 meters, is a noticeable part in the building. As wind blows, the statue begins to rotate. It is indicated that when the statue faces the Basilica, water falls down and even in the form of floodunder the sun or in the rain. Even flooded, it is always crowded with travelers.
The impressiveness of the building forms a perfect connection with tourism, maybe recalling the history in the mind of tourists occasionally.

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