Paradise of Living Things— Kinabalu National Park

Kinabalu National Park Kinabalu National Park

Mt Kinabalu is situated in the northeastern part of Borneo Island, Southeast Asia. And the park named after this mountain, that is, Kinabalu National Park, is an important natural heritage and protected by UNESCO.

Due to its unique geographical and climate conditions, Kinabalu National Park has a diversity of living things, both fauna and flora. And most of these living things are unique to this place, you will never find in other places in the world. Except those strange living things, you can also enjoy its breathtaking natural beauty.

However, the most attractive point of this national park is the Mt Kinabalu, which was formed before 10 million years ago. This mountain is world-famous especially for its diverse fauna and flora. It is said that the species of living things in this mountain surpass those discovered in Europe and north United States. Because the climate varies sharply in this national park, most species can be found in the lowland areas.

If you want to take a walk and relax your body, then Poring Spring is a good place to go. Poring Spring is a wonderful attraction in this park, and certainly famous for its plentiful hot springs. In addition, nearby the hot spring there is an orchid conservation center and a butterfly farm. And not far from Poring Spring, there is the Kipungit Waterfall, which is a wonderful place for a refreshing dip. In the Poring Canopy, you can also see streams and waterfalls.

Having a trip in the Kinabalu National Park, you can surely acquire a lot of knowledge about living things, which may stimulate your interest in nature and make you fall in love with it deeply. There is no doubt that the journey to this place will become an unforgettable experience during your life span.

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