Paradise of Casino All Over the World


When speaking of casinos, what place will come to your mind first? The answer of most people may be Las Vegas, I believe. But it could not be the only one. There are numerous destinations all over the world where you can enjoy the pleasure of casino. No matter where you go, you can always find a casino culture – no matter it’s a magnificent gambling table, or just a small slot machine. Let’s see some of the best destinations of casinos in the world.
Las Vegas
As the most famous gambling city (or “Sin City”) in the world, Las Vegas is no doubt a paradise of gamblers. Remember: Don’t lose your mind in this neon light city.
Known as “City of Garden”, Singapore has wonderful natural scenery and a highly-developed modern city, which make it a pleasant place for gamblers. In spite of the prohibition of government, there are numbers of gambling tables in the city, and Marina Bay Sands Resort is one of the casinos.
For many Chinese, Macau seems to be the “Sin City” of China. This city has a various nightlife, including all-day bars, restaurants and, of course, casinos. Some of them (like Wynn and Sands) are from Las Vegas.
Atlantic City
Although the famous boardwalk area was destroyed by a hurricane, you can also find a lot of attractors in Atlantic City, the best destination for East Coast travel. Beautiful beaches, warm sunshine and gambling tables will definitely amaze you.

Except for its attractive beaches, Cyprus’s casinos offer various choices for guests and will spend a lower price.

You are free to enjoy the beauty of these islands as well as excitement in casinos.

If you are looking for a luxury vacation in the Carribbean Sea, Aruba will not fail you. The Carribean heaven offers a variety of entertainments here, including luxury resorts, surfing, shopping, and a locally invented gambling called Caribbean Stud. Do forget to give it a try!

Famous for the “Monte Carlo Casino”, Monaco has an elegant culture of casino. Viewing numerous fascinating frescoes and sculptures in the city, you will be strongly impressed even if you are not interested in casinos.

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