Oulanka National Park, Finland

national park

Oulanka , as a famous park in Finland, is located in a vast forest with features of diversity in creatures, although this location is near to the north next to the Arctic Circle. Bushes and lichens fill in the forest which is swarming with mushrooms in autumn.
Wood ants are famous among the insects species. This kind of ants build their nests at one meter high and are busy with their work in the forest. The soil of Oulanka contributes to its vibrant vegetation and other creatures, for under the soil is filled with limestone. The rock in the park plays an important part in process of plants growth, for it makes the acids in soil neutralized to increase the nutrients of plants. The glacier area has disappeared 11,000 years ago, leaving a mark on the island. Waterways make the canyons and crevices into parts, and melting ice flows into basins. If you are interested in glaciers, the marks of it can also recall some memories.
The park has a large population of reindeer which was once brought in from abroad and raised in domestic areas. Local people who raise animals try their best to make use of the resources. Their animals live on the greens, mushrooms and lichens in warm period.When they grow up in autumn, in winter, they will be raised in corrals in order to keep away from coldness.
The calypso, as the symbol of the park, is in blossom only lasting from May to mid-June. Another plant growing in the marshlands is the lady’s slipper. Fruits garden can be seen two fabulous orchids. Many people want to know how to reach the park. Since it is far away from the North Ostrobothnia and Eastern Lapland, first take a bus to Kuusamo, the closest airport, and then 37-mile plane takes you to the middle of the park. Boating is an activity that is popular in warm climate.Ski is Finns’ lover, so it becomes a way of seeking thrill for travelers. Taking a walk in trails is also quite a good idea to explore a quiet park.

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