Orange Paradise- Amsterdam


As we all know, Europe is a region can provides the gentlest life for everyone with its picturesque landscapes and profound history. No one can
refuse a European vacation as soon as having a chance to go, and will fall in love with this land immediately after stand on it. I think Amsterdam could also be the one attracts your soul while you are in it.

There are many tourist attractions in Amsterdam, including network, the Dutch national museum, has a long history of canal van gogh museum, the home of Anne, the red light district and many marijuana cafe. About 4.2 million tourists come here every year. After the first big city as the Dutch, Amsterdam from fishing village to the development of the international metropolis has experienced the glory and destruction, and the baptism of World War II, from a certain extent, the history of this city is a microcosm of the history of Holland.

The first place you should visit is Oude Kerk, an old church, which is located in De Wallen and now is red-light district. Most people fall in love with Rijksmuseum deeply as the Vermeer and Rembrandt. For me, summer is the best time to visit
Europe includes Amsterdam because days are longer than other three seasons, and evenings out can delights when it is a nice weather day.

Koninginnedag is the most important festival in Netherlands, which celebrate the queen in 30th April every year. A lot of huge parties will last all day and night with very enthusiastic atmosphere, all the world is orange paradise, so fancy!!!

If you are fond of sport, Ajax soccer game can be the best sport events recommend for you, which will take places a Amsterdam Arena. And do
not miss it otherwise the trip is nothing for you!

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