One of the islands in Spain-Ibiza

Spain-Ibiza Spain-Ibiza Spain-Ibiza

Have you heard of Ibiza in Spain? Maybe yes, maybe no. It is an island in Spain and better known for its night clubs than its dancing places. It is these activities that make Ibiza popular in places of vacation. There are varieties of activities for travelers to enjoy whether he is alone or he bring his families. Want to be alone to relax? It offers a lot of quiet beaches which is far away from the big nightclubs. Travelers, especially young people, often take flights to Ibiza to enjoy the parties and clubs from noon to early evening, from midnight until dawn. They spend their exciting and crazy time for relaxation and entertainment. What is reminded of is to secure your belongings when you are drunk and making for hotels. As for your room, you’d better have a lock when you are away.
Besides the parties, you can also visit the beautiful beaches in the island. Cala d’en Serra beach, which is secluded for people who want a quiet place. Maybe it is not easy to get there but it is a good place for a break from crowds. Travelers need to take a car along the road to the beach. On arrival, it says “no parking”, so you’d better take a mini-bus or walk to Cala d’en Serra. It has clean water and allows snorkeling. Several boats are available to travelers who want to head for some seclusion where marine life can be seen.
Ibiza the town and San Antonio are two cities where parties are held. Of course, you could go to a quiet place by boat. In a word, It is not an island which only provides parties, but it can offers the vacation you want. Any reasonable requirements you raise can be satisfied as long as you head for there.

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