Oaxaca, a Culture Rich but lopsided Developed City

Oaxaca Oaxaca

Oaxaca is one of the most flourishing and beautiful cities in Mexico. This city has a lovely central square with trees called El Zócalo. Oaxaca is also the hometown to highly creative citizens, who produce the state’s finest handicrafts and contemporary artworks. Even the greatest artists will be inspired by the deep-rooted local traditions and the bright southern light. Here you can find lovely architectures, top-class museums, fascinating inns and its own local flavors. The south part of the city is a busy place with many celebrations taken place on almost every day.

Around the city located numerous charming archaeological sites and vivid traditional villages and towns. The inspiring mountains and valleys provide wonderful places for hiking, climbing, biking and horseback riding. Moreover, tourism operators have offered rural tourism programs for you to enjoy those experiences.

However rich in culture, Oaxaca is among the poorest cities of Mexico. There is inharmonious and conflicts between the indigenous poor and the mestizo ruling elite. The shelters of migrant villagers in the suburb are just the same as other impoverished settlements in Mexico. The contradiction was highlighted in violent confrontations in 2006. The event uncovered the deep divide in political and economic here and resulted in a sluggish of tourism. It was until late 2007 when the troubles were calm and the tourists were turning back.

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