O’ahu, the Focus of Hawaiian Islands

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There are many beach resorts around the world for you to escape into a manufactured fairyland, where everything is like from a scrapbook photograph. But above all is O’ahu, the resort known as ‘the gathering place’ in Hawaiian.

Being the most developed one among the Hawaiian Islands, O’ahu is the center of the state’s government and culture – this is the role once Maui played. This is the place where urbanism, natural beauty and rural community are combined so harmoniously. You can fulfill your wishes for umbrella drinks, suntans and tinpot ethnic restaurants all in one city. This is never the resort place that you are bored with. Just enjoys the comfort of being a tourist here.

O’ahu has the diversity of half an another state within one hour’s drive. However, Honolulu is a traffic jam city as it in Asia. There’s no racial majority, people from different races are almost on average. This ethnic mingling can be best shown in a noodle dish served by Honolulu’s American-style diners. The dish is known as saimin and has parentage from China, Japan, Korea and even the Philippines. This kind of mixed-up family tree can be only found in Hawaii.

The island is the first place on a wish list of a tropical holiday. This is mostly because of the great reputation of Waikiki. Visitors come for the Waikiki vacation package, and soon find more surprise outside the hotel. Attractive mountain ranges are so close to reach, water blue coral bays and extensive sandy beaches are just there for joy. There’s snorkeling in the ancient volcanic crater of Hanauma Bay and high waves at the North Shore, knowing as the surfing haven. You can enjoy the music from sincere Hawaiian ukulele bands or hike through tropical forests. Everything is with a spirit of general aloha.

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