Notice of Road Travelling to Dubai


The United Arab is famous for its network of roads which link the towns and villages together. Its road system includes not only the high way, multi-lane road, but also the Emirates Road highway. This complex system also extends to Dubai in one of the highway roads.
If you are driving in UAE, please keep on the right side. In addition to the direction demand, speed limits can be seen on road sign. For example, driving speed must kept around 60-80kph when driving in towns. In somewhere else, driving speed can be a little faster, about 100-120kph. If you exceed the limits, multiple cameras will keep the behavior in sight.
What’s more, the police will appear on the spot as soon as possible when an accident happens, even if it is a very small accident. By the time an accident happen, drivers or people related to the accident must be at the scene while police is making a survey there.
Driving in Dubai, you must have an international driving permit besides your passport. But as for people from north America and many European countries, they can get a local driving licence if they don’t have an international one. However, before they obtain it , they must hand in some belongings, including a national licence, a passport and two photographs large enough in passport-size. Of course, there is some restriction in age- drivers must be over 18 years.
If you want to find more detailed information, please search on On the web, you can also find a telephone number for you to inquire about what you want to know. After you observe all the suggestions above and advice on website, you’ll have a pleasant road traveling in Dubai.

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