Nothing Compares To The Emporium in Bangkok

Sukhumvit Road Sukhumvit Road

An emporium of seven storeys, located at Sukhumvit Road, Khlong Toei, is a famous shopping center in Bangkok. This emporium is a combination of both shopping and entertainment, so it is not only an ideal place for shopaholic but also for tourists. Inside it, there are a multiplex cinema, a supermarket, a regular consumer, and a spacious food court. No matter what you want to do, you can satisfy your need here. It is not exaggerated to say that this emporium is a “heaven” for tourists.

This emporium is designed by J.H Boiffils, an interior designing firm. Each floor of this emporium has a lot of attractions, like Greyhound’s Café, an A-grade restaurant, boutique stores, a supermarket, and a food court.

The first floor is mainly used for world class brands; the second floor for jewellery, designer items, and leather; the third floor is especially favored younger people for its various kinds of glamorous attire. The fourth floor is full of interior décor items, ranging from flower pots, dangling chandeliers to elegant sofas, and so on. And on the fifth floor, you can find many beautiful decorative things of Thai culture.

This emporium used to be one of the major shopping and entertainment centers in Bangkok. Though lately it was surpassed by other centers, it continues to be an attraction in Bangkok. This emporium is multifunctional, including restaurants, kids’ play areas, gadget items, trinket shops, and world-class designer labels. Especially, the SFX cinema will give you an extraordinary experience.

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