Nostalgic Area of Shirogane Park

Shirogane Park Shirogane Park

During the Edo period, Nobesawa was an important mining area, and produced huge amounts of silver, so that this area had always been a rich place. But later this silver area was shut down, and it recovered serenity again. The Shirogane Park is just situated near the original silver mine. This area is full of nostalgic atmosphere. Although the silver area was shut down, some old mine shafts can still be found today, so tourists also have chances to feel the atmosphere of those years.

Passing through the Shirogane Falls, tourists can see the Shirogane Park immediately. This park has spectacular landscape, which is formed by the joint efforts of the waterflow and the nature. At Choda-kyo Gorge, there are quiet streams meandering forward, and on both sides are lush trees with verdant leaves. While if you go to Senshin-kyo Gorge, you will see the mountain streams hit the surrounding rocks and create a stunning crash sound. And in the Silver Mine Cave or Omokage-en Park, you can actually see the phenomenon of how the silver mine is dugged out from the ground. However, in another shrine, Yamanokami-jinja, the silver miners may pray everyday for their safety.

The area, which occupied by silver mine originally, has become a hot spring resort during the Meiji Period, and every year hundreds of thousands of tourists come here. In 1983, this area was choosed as the setting of Oshin, a famous television series, which received a high audience rating after it was broadcasted. And due to this television series, this area gets people’s widely attention again. Now you must want to try the hot spring on your own, then don’t hesitate any more. Pack you things, come here and feel its nostalgic atmosphere for yourself.

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