New York: A metropolis without so many fairy tales.

Different from most European cities, there is no fairy tale to be took delight in talking, but there are many stories of encouragement. Let’s start with the origin of this city.

Aborigine here before the European immigrants arrive is the Lenape. In their tradition, men do the hunting and women do the farming, however, it’s the men’s job to farm and hunting is an amusement for nobles. As a result, the Lenape is considered as a slothful race.

The European immigrants found nothing valuable here at first. But they soon find the trade opportunity of animal furriery because animal furriery is not valuable goods here. So it is reasonable to say New York is started with fur business.

The first colonist in New York was Dutch. They bought Manhattan island from the native at the price of what values 1000 dollars today. But soon they lost the island to the English in Anglo-Dutch Wars. Then the English cheerfully gave the name New York. Although Dutch won the second Anglo-Dutch war, they didn’t get back the island. From then on, the English domination began, you know the following things.

My trip started from the LaGuardia Airport. LaGuardia is the name of the mayor during the Great Depression. He stopped the dictatorship of the Tammany Hall and is honored as a model mayor.



From LaGuardia I can see the skyline of Manhattan, making me wanna fly to the place.

As a backpacker, take good use of public transport system means saving money. So a transportation card is good value for money. With the 29-dollar card, I stepped on M60 heading to Manhattan




Checked in a hotel and take on small packages, I started my first-day journey to 42 Street. 42 Street is not the geographical centre of Manhattan, but there are so many famous buildings around the street. So I choose there as my first destination.

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Outside the subway station is the Times Square know as ‘The Center of the World’. However, it isn’t so outstanding. And I could find some Chinese elements on the building.



Heading east, a motorcade of NYPD passed through the street, maybe guarding some important person. The NYPDs are really funny fellows. They are just everywhere.



This is the Chrysler Building designed by Van Alen. It is located at the cross of Lexington Avenue and the 42 Street. Have you heard the story of Chrysler Crown? After all, New York is the place for careerists.



At the cross of Avenue 5 and 42 Street located the world famous Public Library. It was built in the 19th century. It is glad to say Now York leaves its central location to the library. There are two lion statues in front of the library. The nearside one in the picture is called ‘Fortitude’ and the farside one is ‘Patience’, both were named by Mayor LaGuardia.

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The interior of the library is where many American movies once filmed.

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Keep moving to the east, I arrived at the Grand Central Terminal. This is one of the busiest transportation junctions in the US. Many trains to the Upper New York State depart from here. You can also see this big guy in American movies.


Another unique factor of the station is the roof. There is an opposite picture of the stellar map. Why is it so?



After the Grand Central Terminal, I came to the Tudor City located on the first avenue. The place was once known as a dirty one and called Goat City. But now it is a famous place and many movies such as Spiderman, Godfather and Law & Order were shot here.



The last scene on 42 Street is the UN building. But when I arrived there, it has come off work.



Hot dogs are absolutely the most popular food in New York. New Yorkers like to eat it together with papaya juice. So many hot dog stands have the word papaya printed on the signboard. My supper was a hot dog from a stand beside the street.



I came to Broadway and saw the play named Wicked. It was a particular feeling to sit in the first row, for the actors were so close and may give me some surprise. Besides, I was told that the famous play Cat had been taken off because of the poor returns. This is New York, where you may be the president one day, and a prisoner the next day. After all, Wicked is a splendid play.


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