New Orleans- A Fantastic City

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New Orleans is regarded as the northernmost city around Caribbean, for arrogant Europeans and noisy third-world people mix up here. Superheavy junk trucks are driving on the street, as well as valuable buildings standing alongside, delicate fine dining but garbage everywhere, these will all give you complex impressions. However, people here are in a low pace of life, you may engage in an easy conversation with an entire stranger.

In August 2005, Hurricane Katrina struck the city, broken the ground and made thousands of residents become destitute and homeless. But even a disaster like that never let the town down. There is a popular saying among the citizens, that is, Laissez les bons temps rouler, meaning enjoying the good times. Although the population in town has been reduced by half due to post-storm diaspora, the citizens of this town are putting a rebuild progress into force. Visitor’s most popular areas along the river have again been full of the town’s representative pleasures.

Despite some debauched activities, New Orleans’ lively, old-school decoration earns a doubtless sanctity for the city. Strangers passing by may encounter strings of beads overhead thrown by revelers on balconies for their fineness. You will have no choices but dance in reaction to the sonorous sound of incredibly sweet jazz, funky brass, R&B and blues beat from surprising corners. Moreover, palatable smell from restaurants can bring you a sense of a history mixed up by African, Spanish, French, Italian and Caribbean cultural.

It is wonderful to walk around the captivating French Quarter and the adjacent faubourgs (firstly suburbs ). Although bearing a bawdy reputation, the city exposits its subtler charms in late afternoons, before everyone goes out from the hotel, and in early mornings, when the first sunlight lights the work crews coming out to wash away last night’s sins. This is really a fascinating city.

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