New Delhi-European Film Festival 2010

New Delhi

When this festival is held, the Delegation from European Commission, the embassies and the local partners will all gathered together. With a history of fifteen year, this festival is origionally held for the entertainment of the local residents. Fifteen years ago, a selection of modern European films would be presented to the Indian public in most of the local major cities. The local people as well as the European audiences will take a cheap flight to Delhi India to watch the twenty three European movies which were screened during the event. The liveliest city of Indian is Delhi. Each year a number of events are held here. In the year 2010, this events were from  twenty forth April to the twentieth of June. During that time of the year, numerous number of visiters came to the four major spot of India, they are Chennai, Goa, Delhi and Mumbai. This  is a great chance for the film makers to satisfy the appetide of the large amount of audiences.
Although this festival is held in India, it is actually a event rom Europe. For all the movies are good reflection of European life, and most of the audiences are from the UK to take a flight to join the festival. When the European audience are booking their flight tickets, most of the time they would choose the well knomn companies like flights to Delhi. All the movies screened there will have subtitles.
During the film festival, four awards are offered, which include Best Script and Best Film. In the year 2010, the attendant who take part in the show include Hungary directed by Attila Gigor, Poland which was Directed by Jerzy Antczak, Chopin – Desire for Love, Ireland which was Directed by Niall Henry. And among them, the Platinum Award belongs to Chopin. In the year 2003, the Gold Award was given to Small Engine Repair during the Houston Film Festival.

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