Nara Festival in Japan

Takigi O-Noh traditional Japanese musical drama a the Kofukuji Temple, Nara, Japan.

After you get on the JR and Kintesu Linel, a few minutes ride will take you to Nara Station. And from there, you only need to take a 5 minutes’ walk, then you will arrive at the Kofukuji Temple, Nara City. If you get there at the exact time of the year, say the third week on Friday and Saturday of May, you are lucky. Because you can join the Takigi O-Noh festival also known as Nara festival there. There you can witness a grand musical theater lit up by bonfires in the darkness of the night.

Let’s first take a broad view of Kofukuji temple which is on the list of World Heritage Site. And the stage of constructed by the broaden boards over the lawn, and under the board is the bamboo poles. The fence of it is also made of the bamboo and decorated with the strips. The drama is performed on the stage under the light of the bonfire. In ancient times, the people would have the festival after the sacred takigi (firewood) was passed to the temple. There are also many similar events happen in other parts of Japan, but this one is believed to be the greatest and the oldest, from the year 869.

During the performance of the drama, the dancers will cover their face with wooden made pained masks, and dressed in beautiful traditional clothes. Along with the dancing, the flutes will be played and the drums be will beaten.

During the intervals of the festival, there are performances called comic drama along with the music and the dance. On that day, there will be thousands of visitors, so we strongly recommend you to book the best seat in front of other people. Otherwise you cannot watch the performance as you expected.

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