Must To Do in January

Nowadays, people are more prefer to travel during holiday in order to enjoy multicultural festival in other countries. And last time I already introduce several destinations for visitors to spend holiday in December. Thus, this time I would like to recommend other several traditional holiday where you can spend in January.

As we know, U.S. is a popular country definitely has plenty of events to celebrate new year, thus, Philadelphia Mummers Parade is the first one comes to your travel list if your are a party animal. The Cape Minster Carnival is the second one introduce to party animals, which takes place at the longest-running street of Cape Town in January 2. For celebrating new year, this must have a stage plays for movie lover, Sundance Film Festival is the one which holds for ten days in January 16 to 26 at Park City, Utah every year. There has a 200 independent film screenings to play movies for you! It is very pity if you miss this festival.

Australia Day happens in January 26 in the Sydney Harbor. You can join a swimming group or watching the parade of ships. It is an event suitable for family or friends having a totally different summer new year!

Or if you are really fond of welcoming your new year in the typical season- winter, then, French-Canadian style is highly recommend to at the Carnaval de Quebec, which takes place January 31 to February 16 every year. It is event with truly bucket-list very worthy as a travel plan.

At Ati-Atihan Festival, you will on the sidelines about locals with traditional tribal costume when you rambling on the streets of Kalibo of Panay Island. The dancing and music seem to never end within in the best way possible.

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