Must See Timpanogos Cave National Monument

Cave Cave Cave

Timpanogos cave national park is the U.S. national monument in Utah wasatch former area. It was founded in 1922, and designed to protect three cave systems, the constitute Timpanogos cave which offers visitors a great chance to admire a series of impressive caves.

Timpanogos have three separate caves which are connected by artificial tunnel: Hanson Cave, Middle Cave and Timpanogos Cave. Hansen cave was first discovered by Martin Hansen in 1887. In the next few years Hansen began leading tourist into cave, but sadly a lot of the formation is affected by some of the early visitors. The second one is Timpanogos cave with two times excavations. The first time was by a 14-year-old boy in 1915, after six years of cave was rediscovered by Payson outdoor club. The Middle cave was founded in the fall of 1921 when Martin Hansen’s grandson found the mouth of the cave with binoculars to look for deer at the same time. They discussed the opening and they are now 74 – year – old grandfather in a few days to lead the way.

The system of cave is famous for its unique helictites abundance is high, the formation of its colour, it shows that the fault of control, in the paragraph the alpine environment. On the bell chamber hundreds of six to ten inches long helictites, spiral formation seems to be completely ignored the gravity. These forms are attracted by hydrostatic pressure, capillarity and the central canal. Water is pulled and pushed through a small incision in the simple word where the forces of push-pull capillarity and hydrostatic pressure are greater than gravity. The abundance of Timpanogos Cave helictites is thought to be caused by a lot of wall paint and a small amount of fault movement, created many suitable helictites small openings.

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