Murree Islamabad Travel Guide Of Pakistan


Pakistan is home to an exotic tourist spot known as Murree. Many Pakistanis travel to this spot each year to take up all it has to offer during the summer months. Here is a brief guide to travelling Murree.

Murree is situated high in the hills in northeast Pakistan. It is located within the Pir Panjal Range approximately 37 miles from Islamabad. Founded in 1851 under the British Raj, Murree’s original purpose was to serve as a sanatorium for British troops.

It is believed the name of Murree comes from a word that means high place since it is situated over 7,500 feet above sea level. However, some believe that the Virgin Mary is buried in the hills nearby, making the beautiful place of Murree a placed named after her.

Getting To Murree

International travelers most likely need to get to Murree by way of Islamabad. Flights arrive from all over Europe to Rawalpindi Airport. From there, you can get to Murree via taxi or use public transportation.

It is not difficult to find accommodations in Murree. There are many resorts and guest houses located in beautiful places where the views are endless.

What To See In Murree

There are many historic buildings to see when in Murree such as the Sindh house. However, heading out to Mall Road is a popular destination. Explore Mall Road simply to walk and take Murree in or do your shopping there.

Pindi Point is one of the more awe inspiring spots to visit in Murree. Enjoy the chairlift to Pindi Point, and get an astounding view of Rawalpindi City. The highest point to visit in Murree is Kasmir Point. From here you can get a view of the valley of Kashmir.

The weather in Murree is comfortable, especially during the summer months. Expect snow in winter, but in summer, evenings are cool. During the day, you can enjoy hiking through trails or just relaxing at your resort.

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