Masai Mara, The Kingdom of Wild Animals

Masai Mara Masai Mara

Masai Mara is the place where most large mammals in Africa gather. This place in southwestern Kenya is an admitted best place for wildlife sight-seeing. Every year, after the rainy seasons before May, million wildebeests crowd together and move to find new feed ground. They arrive in the extensive grasslands of Masai Mara in July and August from the Serengeti. At the same time, migrant zebras, antelopes and gazelles are moving here, too. Consequently, you will find millions of animals are wandering around the place. A horseback trip can give you an excellent experience of the incredible and incomparable animal kingdom. And in the heart of the Game Reserve of Masai Mara is where you can see elephants and carnivorous animals such like hyenas, cheetahs and lions. As the place can be dangerous, you can only get here in a four-wheel-drive.

As you ride through the Loita Hills and across the rolling plains of Mara, you will arrive at the manyattas (similar to villages) of nomadic Masai people. They are faithful protectors for the Game Reserve as they view the place as “God’s cattle.” Some ascents are over 8,600 feet high, providing magnificent vistas. As you are intoxicated by the scenery, the staff move ahead to fit up camp in a nice surrounding and prepare food and a hot shower for you. During the night, they will also keep watching for the wild animals.

The most fantastic way to view Masai Mara should be in a hot-air balloon basket. The elaborate journey starts by rising up into an orange and rose-bengal sky at dawn, proceeding with skimming over the enormous herd of wild animals. Only the sound of the erratic blasts of the burner reminds you that you haven’t gone into heaven. As the journey has to come to an end, you can enjoy a delicious breakfast in the bush.

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