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The town of Manzanillo is famous for deep sea fishing, diving and so-called water sports. With the development of this town, its position as a destination for outdoor activities is changed into abundant entertainments. Many visitors for other interests are gradually crowding to this place for appreciation of natural beauty.
Although many visitors are attracted by the seaside activities, such as fishing and marine sports, once they arrive there, the first sight coming into their eyes are the stunning wonders in nature. Combining the natural beauty and water sports, the whole town is amazing in front of travelers.Even though you are a newly-coming visitor, you’ll find what is worth to pay a visit.
The central part of Manzanillo ilies in the resort zone a few kilometers apart. In this part, the visitors can really enjoy their trip as an experience worthwhile to remember. There are necessary facilities for you to live and shop for necessities, so hotels, shops and
Other equipments are here for you to enjoy. Meanwhile, the suppliers for deep sea fishing and parasailing operations or any other water sport, are available to rent or buy.
This Manzanillo region is made up of two bays separated by the Santiago Peninsula which is the living place of residence of Manzanillo – Las Hadas. Originally The resort of Las Hadas is a seclusive place of a Bolivian tin baron, conceived and designed by himself, as a luxurious private getaway. Years later, it was reopened and set up as a resort destination as it is today.
Although it hasn’t developed into a major resort, this area has displayed some beautiful beaches and bays in Mexico, accessible for every visitor. This magnificent coastal area also includes many hidden but beautiful resorts and rustic villas which are available to choose for your ways of relaxation.

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