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People regard the Republic of Malta directly as Malta. Malta located in the south of Sicily, consisting of three islands. English is the official language in the island, while the main and ordinary language is Maltese which combines English and Italian together. Therefore, if you have mastered these two languages, you’ll take an advantage in traveling this island.
Generally it is expensive to pay a visit to Malta for it is part of the EU. It is small in size but large in population. Moreover, it has a high level in consumption, which, to some extent, is caused by the tourists coming here. The tourist season in this island last longer than in other islands for the warm weather. Flights are flying from and to Malta through European airlines. But Malta also has its own airline flying to nearby countries. And other ships can stop here and have a taste of nearby restaurant.
The Megalithic Temples, which was built at a place 5000 years ago, were originated from the island of Malta. At present, it is a main traveling spot in Malta. The temples are really wonderful, with their structures remained, so it is necessary to put them in your travel plans of Malta.
Besides those old temples, the beaches are regarded as modern. These beaches are worth a visit during your trip to Malta. The parliament is placed in this island. Visitors can also enjoy a 500-year old palace where modern Maltese politics takes place.
St. John’s Cathedral is a 500-year old architecture which shows the religious and military effect. Firstly, it was built with impressive walls which make a contrast of the designs in twosides. During the visit of Malta, you should make no plan on Sunday to the Cathedral, for it is closed. With the guide, you will learn more about the history, culture and other information about Cathedral in addition to the impressive architecture.

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